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Back To Lake Atitlan
May 21st 2015, 5:29:00 pm

After finishing up in Xela for the second time, Rachel and I headed back to Lake Atitlan. I'd wanted to go back and do more yoga in San Marcos and some very novel scuba diving in the lake itself, and she had enrolled for another week of Spanish lessons and weaving in San Juan.

The Bay Islands of Honduras
December 16th 2014, 9:02:00 pm

After making a one night stay in San Pedro Sula, home of the worlds worst murder rate, I headed over to the coast and got a ferry to Utila; one of the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Uvita, Costa Rica
July 29th 2014, 8:57:00 am

Next stop for me was a little town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica called Uvita. I found a place online called Flutterby hostel and after getting dropped off by the bus I walked to the hostel, which actually turned out to be a reasonably long walk in very hot sun. When I arrived the girl behind the desk said it was pretty gutsy showing up with no reservation, but I was pleased to find they had a bed for me in their pirate tree-house dorm: one of the coolest dorms I've stayed in so far! The dorm doesn't really have any walls; it's pretty much open to nature and then every bed has a mozzie net. So chilled!

June 30th 2013, 4:48:00 pm

My first day in Thailand I flew into Koh Saumi and got a minibus transfer to Chaweng beach. After looking at a few places that seems pretty average for the price, and generally remembering how nasty Chaweng was, I found some free wifi and looked up some places on Trip Advisor and decided to head to Lamai beach and try a few places there.

After having a few taxi's try and ask for ludicrous amounts for the trip to the first place on my list, claiming that the place I wanted to go was way past Lamai, I finally got a motorbike taxi who would take me for a reasonable price... until one of the asshole taxi drivers came over and told him that the place I wanted to go to wasn't in Lamai. But what I do know, I'm just a stupid foreigner who's got the address here stating it's in Lamai, and Google maps showing me it's there. In the end he agreed to take me for 50% more then we'd originally agreed, and I was fed up screwing around so I accepted.