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Rwanda, Gorillas, Genocide
November 24th 2013, 6:39:00 pm

As we approached Rwanda, the terrain started getting a lot more hilly than that of Uganda. We got to the border and queued up to hand in our passports and get our visa, all the while with locals trying to cut in line. I got given some minor grief over not having printed out the acceptance letter for my visa. I did have it in digital form and the letter has a giant bar code that one would assume they'd scan, but apparently it's easier to put bar codes on letters than it is to put bar code scanners at the border.

This was our single slowest border crossing, taking over 90 minutes to get some simple ink stamp "visas" put in our passports. Most of the truck was starving by the time we finally got our passports back, but there was still more driving to do before we arrived in Ruhengeri and stopped to make lunch. We were staying in dorm rooms so nobody had to put up tents for a change!