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Wake Up Call
June 29th 2013, 4:27:00 am

On this day, one year ago today, I woke up a little bit late.

I rode to work in a bit of a hurry, and on my way got cut off by a car. Getting cut off by cars happens pretty much every day, but on this day I had new brakes that I was unfamiliar with, which were significantly more effective than my old ones. That combined with rushing to not be late, meant that braking hard got me up on just the front wheel and then sent me over the handle bars, landing hard enough on my knees that I got several fractures in my acetabulum (ie. my Hip socket/pelvis).

This moment, at five to nine in the morning on a Friday, changed my life in a number of unexpected ways. Being completely crippled and dependant on others got me seriously thinking about the things I'd like to do but had been putting off until "the right time", many of which are dependant on being able-bodied, and I wondered a lot about how well I would recover and how those things I'd like to do might now never happen.