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June 30th 2013, 4:48:00 pm

My first day in Thailand I flew into Koh Saumi and got a minibus transfer to Chaweng beach. After looking at a few places that seems pretty average for the price, and generally remembering how nasty Chaweng was, I found some free wifi and looked up some places on Trip Advisor and decided to head to Lamai beach and try a few places there.

After having a few taxi's try and ask for ludicrous amounts for the trip to the first place on my list, claiming that the place I wanted to go was way past Lamai, I finally got a motorbike taxi who would take me for a reasonable price... until one of the asshole taxi drivers came over and told him that the place I wanted to go to wasn't in Lamai. But what I do know, I'm just a stupid foreigner who's got the address here stating it's in Lamai, and Google maps showing me it's there. In the end he agreed to take me for 50% more then we'd originally agreed, and I was fed up screwing around so I accepted.