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San Francisco, before the burn
August 17th 2015, 2:10:00 pm

I'd planned to arrive in San Francisco about ten days before Burning Man to give myself plenty of time before hand to sort out all the preparations I would need to make to survive a week in the desert. However I messed up and assumed I would be able to figure out accommodation close to when I got there. By the time I did try and book somewhere, I couldn't find anywhere to stay that was going to be much less than USD$150 a night. This led to a lot of stress!

FireDrums 2014 and San Francisco
January 3rd 2015, 5:22:00 pm

Way back in January at Poi Love Camp I'd asked Jonathan Alvarez what he thought the best flow festival was during them summer in the USA, and he told me he thought FireDrums was number one, so I put it in my calendar and mostly forgot about it. Much later I realised it was only a few weeks away, and decided to impulse buy a ticket, sort out some flights and get my self along to see it for myself.