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Spain, the rest of Andalusia
June 6th 2014, 6:05:00 pm

Next stop in Andalusia was a town named Córdoba that's claim to fame is the Mezquita, a Mosque-Cathedral. I arrived in the evening and explored around a bit, finding the town to be almost completely deserted but did take some nice photos of this Roman era bridge and tower.

May 26th 2014, 4:59:00 pm

From Barcelona I caught the overnight train to Granada. It left fairly late in the evening and arrived in Granada at about 9am the next morning. I had some sleeping pills and slept as well as is possible on a train, but was still exhausted when I arrived.

I headed straight to a hostel that I'd looked up online beforehand and checked that they had a bed for me. It was too early to check in but they let me lock up my bags in their storage room and allowed me to take advantage of their breakfast buffet.

Barcelona, Spain
May 3rd 2014, 2:15:00 pm

Even in winter the weather is Barcelona is lovely. As soon as I landed and got through customs, I put my heavy winter jacket away and was quite comfortable in just a T-shirt. It seemed like the warm weather would be great for helping me kick a cold that had been hanging around for my last few weeks in Berlin, which had left me sniffing and congested for far too long.