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Train stations parties until the little hours of the night - India Part 2
August 19th 2013, 12:02:00 am

The overnight train the second time around, from Varanasi to near Agra, was a bit of an ordeal. We showed up at the station at 21:00, one hour before the train was scheduled to depart at 22:00, and were soon told that the train had been delayed a few hours, now expected at 00:00. We went into the upper class and sleeper class reserved seating area to sit and wait and found it was full of people sleeping on the benches. One of the guys checking people were allowed to be in there went around and woke some people up, clearing enough seats so everyone could at least sit down.

We soon noticed what appeared to be rats lurking in the shadows underneath benches, occasionally making dashes in and out of the toilets. The toilets were a sight to not be seen. Wreaking of shit, the guys toilets consisted of three squats one of which had leaking plumbing that sprayed water at you as you first walked in the door, or went near the basin to wash your hands. How lovely!