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Quezaltenango (Xela), Guatemala
April 27th 2015, 1:12:00 pm

We arrived in Quetzaltenango, or Xela (pronounced sha-la) as pretty much every refers to it, quite late on a Sunday afternoon. Travelling in my usual manner, I showed up without having pre-organised my enrolment at the school, or a place to stay.

Antigua Guatemala
March 30th 2015, 6:24:00 pm

Next stop for me was Antigua Guatemala, the original capital of Guatemala until they got sick of all the earthquakes knocking it over every few decades. It's a very beautiful city, littered with ruins of majestic old ruins of buildings that the government doesn't have enough funds to do preservation works to, so most of them are fenced off without so much as a plaque to say what it was.

La Mariposa Spanish School, Nicaragua
September 10th 2014, 10:09:00 am

One of the goal I set for myself that I wanted to achieve in my travels was to learn a second language. Years ago, right after living in Europe (where every other person you meet seems to speak 4 languages) I had a go at learning Spanish in Melbourne but I never found the opportunity to practice outside of class and my interest waned. Being in Latin America it seemed like a good time to try again.