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June 30th 2013, 4:48:00 pm

My first day in Thailand I flew into Koh Saumi and got a minibus transfer to Chaweng beach. After looking at a few places that seems pretty average for the price, and generally remembering how nasty Chaweng was, I found some free wifi and looked up some places on Trip Advisor and decided to head to Lamai beach and try a few places there.

After having a few taxi's try and ask for ludicrous amounts for the trip to the first place on my list, claiming that the place I wanted to go was way past Lamai, I finally got a motorbike taxi who would take me for a reasonable price... until one of the asshole taxi drivers came over and told him that the place I wanted to go to wasn't in Lamai. But what I do know, I'm just a stupid foreigner who's got the address here stating it's in Lamai, and Google maps showing me it's there. In the end he agreed to take me for 50% more then we'd originally agreed, and I was fed up screwing around so I accepted.

Day 4 Motorbikes in HCMC
May 22nd 2013, 3:11:00 pm

On the third day I finally took first motorbike taxi, which was a fun, cheap and fast way of getting the War Remnants Museum (Previously knows as the American War Crimes museum), plus the breeze from zooming around is nice and cooling. Why was I walking everywhere like a schmuck!? And yes Mum, I wore a helmet, although they're all so small in Vietnam I half think it might actually make things worse if there was actually an accident, concentrating the force in a ring around the top of my head.

The war museum was interesting, but not catered to someone who knows next to nothing about the history of the war. There was lots of stuff about the specifics that happened, but very little about the motives of either side. There was a load of stuff about the after effects of agent orange on people of both sides of the war, but I needed to look up it up online to find it was a herbicide being sprayed to kill off all the vegetation so the Viet Cong couldn't hide among it.